Dominion Consulting Has Joined The TeraThink Team!

As of November 1st, 2017, we successfully completed our merger with Dominion Consulting, retaining the TeraThink brand moving forward.  With our combined offerings and experience, our ability to provide innovative solutions, and value to our customers, we will continue to transform the Federal IT space.

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TeraThink is an exceptionally nimble, resourceful team of information technology and management consultants that’s purpose-built to help our clients drive real, rapid progress and make smart, sustainable improvements that lead to less stress and greater operational success.


TeraThink is a leading information technology and management consulting firm that specializes in management, integration, and security services for enterprise application environments.

  • Financial Management

    Comprehensive solutions to enhance organizations financial operations and posture.

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  • Program Management

    Rigorous management discipline continuously improves program performance.

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  • Strategic Planning

    Transformational focus to achieve mission goals and objectives.

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  • Operational Analysis and Enhancement

    Comprehensive analysis drives enterprise operational improvement and efficiency.

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  • Technology

    Empower organizations through secure, robust, intelligent, and advanced technological solutions.

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Case Studies

TeraThink supports over 30 federal agencies with an impeccable track record of successful delivery and execution.

WHS Case Study

Transforming Business Enterprise for WHS

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HHS Case Study

Advancing a Healthy Enterprise System for HHS

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DLA Case Study

Modernizing Enterprise-Wide Technologies for our Military to Enhance DLA Capabilities

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DOC Case Study

Reaching Financial Excellence at the Department of Commerce

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TeraThink’s mission is to provide sound solutions to our customers, achieving the highest degree of quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.