TeraThink offers a broad range of functional and technical services to support our programs. These services, offered through our information technology and management consulting practices, each complement each other in some capacity. Every practice area is serviced by TeraThink employees, who diligently maintain engrained skills in their respective competencies—an underlying quality discipline— and demonstrate thorough understanding of proven methodologies.

Our service offerings within the financial management domain support and complement efforts by congress and the administration to improve the timeliness and accuracy of reporting of the management of federal funds. Our consultants keep abreast of the myriad of requirements that stem from appropriations law; acts of congress; OMB circulars, bulletins, and memos; executive orders; along with standards and guidance from oversight and regulatory agencies, including Treasury and GAO; in order to deliver innovative yet compliant solutions and advice to our customers. TeraThink supports federal financial management, acquisition management, asset management, grants management, performance management, and financial reporting systems and solutions at multiple federal entities.

Our consultants provide expert advice to government engagements, improving prospects for success and driving ROI by leveraging information technologies, industry standards, and our proven approach to program and project management. Our professionals work closely with clients to achieve strategic business objectives and provide the value-added capabilities needed to mitigate business risk, support business strategies, and continuously improve operational performance.

Prior to beginning any business transformation initiative, it is critical to develop a holistic approach to achieve mission success. Our strategic planning methodology incorporates the impact of people, processes, and technology, as they are all critical elements of business transformation.

In a budget constrained environment, organizations are challenged with operating more efficiently with fewer resources. TeraThink provides operational analysis to identify opportunities to enhance efficiency across an organization. Our approach provides an unbiased and comprehensive view of an organizations people, processes, and technologies and drives performance improvement across the enterprise.

Enterprise System Support
TeraThink’s enterprise applications practice assists our clients with getting the most from their investments in their enterprise-wide applications.

Information Management
TeraThink’s information management (IM) practice is dedicated to assisting our clients unlock the value of their data.

Information Security
TeraThink’s information security (IS) practice is dedicated to providing information security solutions to thwart attacks that potentially compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of federal information and information systems.