Internal Revenue Service Selects Contractors for Total Information Processing Support Services TIPSS-4 Information Technology Services (ITS)

The IRS competed its long-time IT services-related suite of indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contracts, called TIPSS-4 ITS, which have a 10-year period of performance (one base-year and nine one-year options). These contracts are the primary procurement vehicles for technology-related services within the Internal Revenue Service and other Treasury bureaus.

Thirty-three companies were selected as prime contractors on this multiple award contract among the industry’s best competitors. They will be providing support which encompasses a large spectrum of services concerning local microcomputer applications to large-scale integrated legacy systems, and newly developed systems, as well as security services and program management.

The TIPSS-4 ITS contract is designed to provide the state of the art, modern technology services throughout the period of performance of the contract. As one of the selections, TeraThink Corporation provides technology services.