TeraThink awarded a 3-year $13.5M Large Business Contract after DLA Enterprise Funds Distribution (EFD) Go-Live

TeraThink is the prime integrator for Enterprise Funds Distribution (EFD), which is designed to increase visibility, auditability, and efficiency in the management of distributed funds and Congressional Actions for all Department of Defense (DoD) appropriations.  EFD will be the authoritative source of Budget Line Items (BLI) for the entire life-cycle of all DOD programs.

In May 2017, the TeraThink Team concluded a year-long contract with a successful Go-Live delivered on time and within budget. The Go-Live enabled funds distribution capability for Defense organizations receiving and distributing Defense-wide funding. This effort also included migrating a user organization to EFD, developing outbound interface file formats, and providing custom reports which contain critical budget data. As a result of the successful implementation, our DLA client gave TeraThink an “exceptional” CPARs rating in 4 out of 5 evaluation areas.

In addition to the successful implementation, TeraThink was awarded a 3-year $13.5M large business contract to extend the team’s presence at DLA. The TeraThink project team is now focusing on the remaining tasks to achieve Full Deployment (FD) for EFD, which includes developing and delivering critical functionality such as General Ledger, achieving SFIS compliance, managing a hosting migration to DISA, and planning and executing a user migration strategy for approximately 2,000 new system users.

Congratulations to the EFD project team!