Using The Power Of The ServiceNow Platform To Serve Customers At Knowledge18

Joe Costellow and Roshan Rao taking a break from Knowledge18 in Las VegasIn May, my colleagues and I attended ServiceNow’s annual conference, Knowledge18. We joined over 18,000 attendees in Las Vegas to meet, learn, share, and collaborate on all things ServiceNow. They presented a wide range of valuable content spanning all aspects of the platform. This ranged from in-depth solution-focused sessions, to industry-based workshops, to a roadmap of functionality coming to the platform.

Two of my takeaways from the conference centered on the platform improvement and their increased focus on the customer.

The Power of the Platform

A clear message in the conference keynotes was ServiceNow’s use of the as-a-service delivery model to enhance platform’s ability to deliver continuous value to the customer, rapidly and seamlessly. Prior to this model, enterprise software was given a useful life expectancy and a subsequent depreciation schedule. Upon reaching this milestone, the typical process was to replace the old, outdated system with the new, shiny system that will solve all of the organization’s problems. Riiiight.

This ineffective cycle can and typically does cause significant disruption to the organization. It also represents real risk points for implementations to go wrong, regardless of whether the fault lies at the hands of the software, the integrator, the customer, or any combination thereof.

With ServiceNow, it’s enterprise value increases over time. This increasing value comes from new features and functionality that are regularly introduced and embedded in the platform. Each release has powerful features that represent a significant leap forward in service management capabilities.

  • The Integration Hub a framework for codeless ServiceNow integration, which was released earlier this year as part of the Kingston release.
  • Agent Intelligence, machine learning-based automation is coming as part of London in the fall of 2018.
  • Enterprise DevOps support is arriving with Madrid in 2019. It includes support for SAFe4.5, Agile Development, Slack, & Microsoft Teams integrations.

Understanding and planning for how to best leverage the platform’s ever-evolving capabilities can drive implementation success. Organizations who effectively align their vision and initiatives with ServiceNow’s capabilities and roadmap will be best positioned to maximize the platform’s value.

Keen Focus on Customer

Another key takeaway was ServiceNow’s deliberate shift (and resulting logo change) to position itself beyond an IT tool to a true, strategic enterprise platform, focused on the customer and their success. This was on display throughout the duration of the conference. Customer-led sessions represented over 80% of the conference curriculum presented throughout the week.

ServiceNow LogoIn his conference keynote, ServiceNow’s CEO John Donahoe spoke about how his number one priority over the last year was getting to know their customers better. He met with over 500 organizations to better understand how they are using the platform, what is working well, and what opportunities exist for improvement. One recurring theme that emerged from those conversations is the chasm that exists between the types of consumer experiences people are able to get at home versus the experiences they are able to get at work.

ServiceNow adopted the slogan, We make the world of work, work better for people. They expect to deliver those same quality consumer experiences in the workplace. Replacing the computer on/off power button that previously represented the ‘o’ in ServiceNow with an icon of a person, reflects this human-centered approach. Additionally, it demonstrates the belief that the true power of its platform resides in their customers and their ultimate success.

A Productive Week

Overall, my colleagues and I really enjoyed our time at the conference. We are excited to bring what we’ve learned back to our clients and partners. TeraThink shares ServiceNow’s commitment to customer success and look forward to ensuring our clients’ ServiceNow journey is a successful one.

Didn’t get a chance to attend Knowledge18. Want to learn more or want to chat more about things you did learn while at the conference? Reach out to us. We’d love to hear about your experience and provide any help we can to help you achieve your goals.