TeraThink Gets Fit with FitBit!

TeraThink team members with their FitBits in DC

Starting at the crack of dawn on Monday, April 9th, TeraThink employees rallied together and took on their first company-wide challenge of the year, the Journey Through Asia. TeraThink kicked off the new year with our newly combined workforce with the launch of our FitBit Wellness Program. As part of this program, all employees received a generous stipend to purchase their very own FitBit device. Once the employees received their devices they had the ability to participate in our quarterly step challenges.

The Wellness Merge

Emphasizing the importance of work-life balance and wellness is important. However, a bonus component of this challenge was merging the cultures of two legacy companies. With TeraThink employees spread out across the DC metro area on client sites, the use of technology along with the ability to communicate outside the project teams was essential. Once the employees were given the necessary tools and a reason to connect, we had all the ingredients for a healthy and successful communication recipe.

The Challenge

What better way to combine TeraThink’s high-tech culture and our wide-spread employee locations, than a FitBit Step Challenge. The challenge didn’t start with stepping though. The first step (pun intended) in the program was the creation of teams. To do so, we had to take into consideration over 100 participating employees across numerous departments, locations, and even average step-count. Each team was organized with 20-25 participants and strategically formed by combining a few employees from each project team. From there, the Tigers, Elephants, Cobras, Rhinos, and Pandas teams formed.

The goal for the challenge was to encourage employees who do not typically interact with each other, to communicate and motivate each other within their respectable teams.

Step to Success!

Achieving an active healthy workforce was only one of the success stories that came from TeraThink’s FitBit Challenge. In addition to the in app FitBit messaging system, we hooked our teams up with their very own team named email address. Between the platforms, our participants had the opportunity to communicate with dozens of employees they typically would not interact with.

The motivation didn’t stop on the virtual platform. The competition brought buzz around our offices across the DC metro area. Employees were encouraging their team members to take the stairs or take short walks. We even saw some friendly taunting of teams vs teams.

By the end of our three-week challenge, TeraThink’s employees achieved an average daily step count of 10,266 and stepped 1,127,386 steps in total! The winning did not stop there. TeraThink was able to successfully combine the cultures of two companies and improve the communication across the workforce. The recipe for success in this case was just a little friendly competition.