TeraThink Celebrates Women in Tech This Ada Lovelace Day

Portrait of Ada Lovelace, the writer of the 1st computer programToday is the 10th annual Ada Lovelace Day. It is a day to take time to recognize the accomplishments of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The goal is to increase the visibility of women in STEM in order to create role models for future generations of STEM professionals.

Here at TeraThink, we have no shortage of role models. We wanted to shine the spotlight some of them. I asked them to share how they got started in the technology field and any inspirations they had.

Rachna, Bringing SAP Expertise

Rachna Pathak joined TeraThink this year as one of our SAP experts. She is a Senior Consultant working on one of our USDA projects. The leaders with whom Rachna has worked with have inspired her to pursue the same path.

I always had an interest in the STEM field. My first job out of college inspired me to stay and grow in the field. I worked with many women who held leadership positions in the technology field and loved seeing women being represented. It is my ultimate career goal to be in leadership, and it is great to know that there are many successful women who have brought great ideas, innovations, and paved the way for more women in the industry.

Jane, Making Things Better With Tech

Jane Wu joined TeraThink over two years ago. As one of our Principal Consultants, Jane is a Java developer working on a USCIS project. She is constantly tackling any problem that arises quickly. When Jane handles a challenge, the team never worries. She sees the benefit of technology and hopes to improve the quality of our lives by improving the quality of the systems that surround us.

My software development accomplishments on Federal Government automation systems were inspired by advanced software development technologies and my experience associated with the inefficiency of government legacy systems. The opportunity to use advanced technologies and to improve system inefficiencies motivated me to build robotic software systems to meet today’s standards. My desire is to not only reduce human data processing mistakes, but also provide high quality business values. Those systems have been a source of great pride and satisfaction.

Stephanie, Building Momentum

Stephanie Curtis is a Senior Manager here at TeraThink. She joined us seven years ago and works with Momentum, supporting the Department of Defense Joint Staff. Stephanie’s mother inspired Stephanie and acts as a mentor to Stephanie as she’s now a leader herself.

As cliché as this may sound, my mom inspired me to get into the work that I am in today. She was the only female in an office full of men. She worked her way from being the receptionist to owning her own accounts. I can remember going into work with her, and being in awe of her leading meetings. I knew that while I didn’t know exactly what field I would be going into, I wanted to make those same contributions. Even today, she’s the first person I’ll call for career advice!

Working To Build Future Leaders

TeraThink is doing more than highlighting a few of the women who make our technology teams strong. While important, that is not enough. We have created an internal Community of Practice designed around building and supporting the careers and growth of women at TeraThink. Our first event is at the end of this month and features our board member, Madame Secretary Deborah Lee James. We are excited that she is taking time to help build stronger leaders among the women, and men, of Team TeraThink.

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  1. Anna on October 9, 2018 at 10:25 am

    Very interesting blog Victoria and thank you for wonderful blog. It is awesome to we have strong women in ours company. Reason for my comment is because my mother also inspiration just like Stephanie’s mother. My mother was first daughter who decided to study beyond 8th grade and when she got married after her high school, she asked higher studies as her wedding gift from her father-in-law. After her retirement as a Principal from high school in India, my mother came to US and very first thing she told me over the phone that if I want to be successful then I have to come to US. Today I am very independent and able to follow the path of success just like my mother.