Five Reasons I Joined TeraThink After College

The TeraThink team talking to potential recruits at the 2018 TeraThink at a Virginia Tech Recruiting EventOn October 23, TeraThink is returning to Virginia Tech to speak to the Thrive Living-and-Learning Community. Several members of our team are participating on a Career Panel to share with students their career experience while at TeraThink. Having recently graduated from Virginia Tech, I wanted to share my thoughts on why I decided to join TeraThink after graduation.

I first heard of TeraThink when I attended the University’s career fair this past January. As a second semester senior about to enter the real world, I was anxious to land a great job before graduation. In my search, I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to continuously grow in a challenging environment and problem solve through creative thinking.

I was immediately taken with TeraThink’s passion for the work they do and the clients they serve. From my initial meeting with the recruiters and executives, to my interview, not even 3 days had passed to when I received my offer of employment. For a college student undergoing rounds upon rounds of interviews with other companies and agencies, TeraThink’s quick turnaround was refreshing.

Fast-forward several months into the job, I can say that choosing to start my career with TeraThink was the best decision I could have made. There are five things about TeraThink that prove it’s the right choice for me. These helped me make my decision to join their team of talented and driven individuals.

TeraThink Invests in their People First

As an entry-level Analyst, I was lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with our CEO, Dan Maguire. One of Dan’s main focuses is TeraThink’s pursuit to invest in its employees. As a federal consultancy, our greatest resource is our people. Employee happiness and satisfaction directly results in a better product delivered to our clients.

Our number one priority are the employees. This is showcased through numerous company events, a great benefits package, and a collegiate workplace environment. This is just to name a few.

Career Growth From Day One

TeraThink supports and gives opportunities for employees to take on more roles and responsibilities as well as provide guidance and direction. With this opportunity, I am already gaining project management skills early in my career.  I also see opportunities to allow me to become specialized in diverse areas.

Emphasis on Work-Life Balance

I knew I wanted to work for a company dedicated to a healthy work-life balance and a positive culture. With project-specific flexible work hours and the ability to telework from other offices, managing my workload is easy. This demonstrates TeraThink cares about its employees’ time and work-life balance.

Additionally, we focus on providing a healthy lifestyle for our employees. TeraThink partners with Fitbit to provide company-wide step challenges. To support that, TeraThink contributes to the cost of purchasing a Fitbit device.

Emphasis on Continuous Learning

TeraThink values continuous learning, even after graduation. As an entry-level Analyst, I understand how important it is to learn as much as I can. One of my favorite resources we have access to is an online learning portal, Udemy. All employees have access to Udemy for thousands of hours’ worth of online courses; anything from learning how to write a blog post to perfecting project management applications. TeraThink also offers employees financial assistance for continuing their education for advanced training.

Dedication to the D.C Community

Finally, as a company that services dozens of clients in and around the D.C. metro area, TeraThink’s continuous support for the city and region is something to be valued. TeraThink understands the positive impact major businesses can have on the community it operates in. We believe giving back is essential and the right thing to do. Through community service events such as The Walk to End Alzheimer’s and The Veterans Day 5K, as well as being proud fans and supporters of the Washington Capitals and Washington Nationals, TeraThink supports the Washington D.C region.

I am looking forward in continuing to grow my career here at TeraThink and the challenges that it will bring.