Reflecting on a Transformative 2018

A Tom & Jerry hot eggnog drink as served at Karl Ratzsch's, Milwaukee, WI.This time of the season always presents a good point to reflect on the past year; to take stock of key accomplishments and milestones while also looking to next year and the opportunities it presents.

For TeraThink’s ServiceNow practice, this has been an exciting year that has ushered in a number of client successes. It has also seen the addition of some great talent to our team and the establishment of our ServiceNow community of practice.

Drinking Our Own Eggnog

Building upon this momentum, we also made the strategic decision to implement ServiceNow internally to help run our back-office operations. Or, in the spirit of the season, we decided to drink some of our own eggnog.

When we began to look internally and evaluate our operations, it became clear that our teams faced many of the same challenges that our clients deal with on a daily basis.

  • Manually-intensive processes highly driven through email
  • A general lack of transparency around the details of any given process
  • Multiple sources of the “truth”
  • Limited reporting and metrics capabilities

These challenges resulted in extra cycles for our teams. Additionally, they increased the risk of mistakes and errors along the way and put an increased burden on our resources to manage these processes effectively. Furthermore, we recognized that the employee experience provided by our current processes and tools was fragmented. Our processes were not fully optimized to best serve our employees.

As we started to understand these challenges and inefficiencies, we quickly began applying our knowledge and expertise of ServiceNow to be a driving force in our internal transformation. We saw a clear opportunity to use ServiceNow to establish a single source of truth when it came to corporate data about employees, projects, and assets, three core aspects to our business.

Making Things Work

To start, we took advantage of ServiceNow’s integration capabilities. We integrated with some of our HR tools, like Paylocity and Deltek and Okta for single sign-on. We developed a Service Portal that enhances the employee experience. The portal provides a single place for employees to request services or report issues, get access to training, find answers to frequently asked questions, and learn about, and participate in, our various initiatives around People and Culture.

Additionally, we’ve implemented a streamlined onboarding and offboarding process. This new process facilitates and standardizes the various numerous tasks that span multiple departments. Last but not least, we’ve developed supporting reports and dashboards that have increased the transparency into the process for our management team. The reports  also allowing us to make more informed decisions and better manage expectations.

As we do with all of our IT modernization programs, we are running our internal implementation using agile. We are using our best practices from serving our clients, and our AgileEdge approach, to deliver results for ourselves. This also gave us an opportunity to further hone our agile practices and demonstrate them to others here at TeraThink.

Launching Into 2019

We’re excited about the things we’ve accomplished in 2018. We are even more excited about what is to come in the future. The enthusiasm around our internal efforts have resulted in a healthy backlog of items targeted for 2019 . All of them are focused on driving internal efficiency and delivering the most rewarding employee experience possible.

Here’s to successful 2018 and a prosperous 2019 – eggnog has never tasted better.