Defining Our Core Values

TeraThink's Leadership Team taking a moment together during a company eventWe merged over a year ago and it has been quite an experience. One of the things we had to do is combine our core values. After our merger, we had two very complimentary, but different, sets of core values. While we were all working well as a team, we needed a unified set of core values that reflects all our amazing employees here at TeraThink.

During the process, it was important to us to keep the strengths of both sets of values while still moving forward as a new company. We both shared a similar vision of sustaining an innovative and driven workforce. Additionally, we understood that our culture is the currency that we bring to our clients.

Through combining the best of both companies, we introduced: Own It, Create It, Share It, and Crush It. It’s our vision these values will inspire our employees to further enhance our capabilities and resources for the clients we serve.

Own It

The idea of “Own It” communicates the value of being accountable. We are accountable to not only ourselves, but to our clients, colleagues, and career. We encourage our people to show their passion for what they do and to never settle for less than their best. To fully embrace the powerful diversity that is TeraThink, we emphasize a focus on continuous improvement.

A good example of this happened on a recent project. One of our agile deployments ran into some hiccups. Rather than focus on who was responsible, the team focused on resolving the problem. While it took a little more work than anticipated, everything was completed within the planned time frame. Afterwards, the team, consisting of both TeraThink employees and our client, came together to find ways to ensure the hiccup was avoided in the future. Sure enough, during the next deployment, things went smoothly as planned.

Create It

“Create It” motivates our people to find out-of-the-box solutions for our clients and for everyday problems by adapting and overcoming challenges. This value also reinforces our passion of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit within all our employees. We all understand that we are the creators of the environment we work in. This mindset is reflective in how we solve day-to-day problems. If we don’t make it happen, who will?

A lot of companies create labs to work with new software. Recently, some of our people went a step beyond that and created a working DevOps environment. Complete with automated testing, builds, and deployments, TeraThink employees can practice with all the latest technology. They can they take that knowledge to our clients and help them reach their goals faster. Both our people and our clients win.

Share It

At TeraThink, we understand that we are all in this together. Us, our clients, and the community. We are made up of smart people who take time to share their wealth of knowledge with others. Every employee is encouraged to help others rise to their fullest potential. The qualities of being compassionate, genuine, and empathetic help to define our culture. Our people are kind, humble and strive to be the leaders that would make their heroes proud.

We do this in multiple ways every day. We have a mentoring program which helps our people learn from more experienced colleagues. It is a way for our staff to learn and grow outside the normal manager-employee dynamic. We have found that both the mentor and mentee grow from the experience. Additionally, we have communities of practice where people across all of our project teams come together to share what they have learned. They then take this knowledge and use it to help make our clients more successful.

Crush It

“Crush It”, communicates to every employee to be the best version of themselves by setting goals and following through on them. When our employees set goals they give extra, do more, and become the best versions of themselves when end goals are met. Overall, we encourage everyone to be proactive, take charge, and become the change they wish to seek.

One of the best rewards we can get is positive feedback from our clients. This means that we not only met project goals, we exceeded them. Recently on one of our projects, we received positive feedback for doubling the reporting rate of performance metrics thanks to the implementation of Tableau. Both the Director and Deputy Director have stated how impressed they have been with the services we have provided and the value and importance of the results we are delivering. This is a prime example of how “Crush It” helps our clients.

Looking Toward the Future…

These core values are what we stand for and how we drive our behaviors and actions. Ultimately, we believe our core values will help TeraThink transform the way we will deliver value. We spend more time at work than anywhere else so why not make it a fun place you want to be?

If you share these values and want to make a difference, we are always looking for good people who want to make the most of what they do.

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  1. Saira on May 20, 2019 at 10:12 am

    The core values are an example for other “large” companies to look up to and better their core values such as that of Therathink! Let’s go team!!