Looking Back On A Summer of Learning

A Headshot of Ture LindenI began my internship with TeraThink on May 20th shortly after the conclusion of my freshman year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). While it felt like a short 3 months, I learned more at TeraThink then I could have imagined.

Working on several different projects allowed me to engage with numerous people throughout the company. I learned valuable tools such as Prezi, Google Analytics, and Tableau. The exposure to agile methodology was invaluable and I was able attend meetings involving marketing, data analytics, and ServiceNow.

Getting To Know TeraThink

TeraThink’s 2019 Top Workplaces award in the Washington Post should not come as a surprise. From day one TeraThink treated me as a professional, not an intern. I had a voice in meetings on my first day and was offered benefits such as a 401k, a Fitbit, and access to the Washington Nationals Tickets. The benefits and perks are great, but what was truly impressive to me was how TeraThink invests in its employees.

One such example of this is TeraThink’s partnership with Udemy. TeraThink wants their employees to grow in their field and encourages their development through Udemy courses. Thanks to Udemy, I was able to take crash courses on the projects I was working on such as Agile, Prezi, or Tableau. TeraThink gave me time to take these courses which allowed me to better understand their strategy as well as how to use the specific tools.

The first thing that became apparent to me was the passion TeraThink employees have for the work they do. The project leads for my assignments went out of their way to educate and encourage me to ask questions. One example was my project with Shawn Wallack, which involved researching agile assessments. Shawn Wallack, a Senior Principle Consultant and Agile Coach at TeraThink, gave me a 30-minute crash course on Agile before I began my assignment.

There are numerous other examples of TeraThink employees going out of their way to assist me with unfamiliar subjects. They truly wanted to be helpful and their positive attitudes were impressive.

Diving In

Thanks to my project manager’s willingness to mentor and educate me, I am now able to apply the tools and skills I’ve learned to my classwork at RPI. In my project with Victoria Hickman, a People and Culture Specialist, I helped upgrade TeraThink’s onboarding presentation using Prezi. Before the project I had never worked with Prezi. Victoria suggested taking a Udemy course on Prezi before beginning the project, where I learned advanced features. Victoria was available to answer any questions I had throughout the project. After upgrading the onboarding presentation, I feel confident that I can use Prezi for projects at RPI.

On my first day at TeraThink I was asked if I had any specific areas of interest. This past fall at RPI I took an Intro to Data Analytics course, which appealed to me. TeraThink found two projects in data analytics which I could work on. The first was an analysis of the TeraThink website using Google Analytics with Director Laurence Hart and Chief Information officer Jed Carr. Through Google Analytics we tracked the usage of the TeraThink website and created reports on our findings. Using this tool, the user is able to view anything from the demographics of viewers to the path users take to and from each webpage.

The other project was also using data analytics and involved using Tableau. I wrote a separate post about what I learned on that project.

Meaningful Work Matters

My internship at TeraThink was not what I expected. Instead of being assigned rudimentary assignments I was learning and accomplishing cutting edge tasks such as learning agile practices or designing modernized data visualizations. In addition, I was able to witness the positive energy of TeraThink and the fun workplace environment. I was able to take part in Top Golf outings, book signings, and even a Washington Nationals game.

Thank you TeraThink for treating me as a professional and teaching me valuable tools I will be able to use in school and beyond.