TeraThink November 2017 All-Hands at Nats Park Toast to Merger-Banner

We are pleased to announce that TeraThink is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of

CGI Federal Inc. (CGI)

Who We Are

TeraThink is an exceptionally resourceful team of information technology and management consultants that’s purpose-built to help our clients drive real, rapid progress and make smart, sustainable improvements that lead to less stress and greater operational success. Our seasoned consultants are 100% focused on our government clients, and have a proven track record collaborating with them to dramatically reduce cycle times, do more with less, lower error rates, simplify processes, save money, and equip every client to focus more energy and resources on accomplishing their missions.

TeraThink was incorporated in 2002 with a primary focus of providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration services to the federal government. Since then, our service offerings have evolved to a much broader scope. In 2017 we merged with Dominion Consulting further expanding our ability to serve our customers. Our combined leadership team, guided by our board of directors, provides TeraThink with the experience necessary to innovate and bring value to our customers.



Employee-focused, with tailored career paths

Collaborative management team with an “open-door” policy

Growth, training, and learning opportunities offered to all employees

Gift cards honoring employee years of service and core value achievements

Wellness focused with company-wide step challenges

Competitive coding challenges and hackathons



Access to full season of Washington Nationals and Capitals tickets

Company-wide outings, such as Topgolf or the Escape Room experience

Team-building events such as sushi rolling demonstrations

In-house foosball and shuffleboard tournaments

Annual new year kick-off party



Strong belief in giving back to the community

Committed annual community service budget including an employee matching gifts program

Supporting over fifteen local and national charitable and support organizations

Semi-annual “drives” at corporate meetings such as canned food and book drives

Delivering Quality

Quality is easy to promise. At TeraThink, we know that it is important to back those promises by delivering measurable results. Our efforts allows us to ensure we are providing reliable and good quality services to our customers.

Core Values

At TeraThink, we live by a common set of four simple core values. These core values are what makes up our company. They are what we stand for and they drive our behaviors and our actions. We live to the spirit of these core values.


Own It

Be accountable to yourself, your clients, colleagues, and career. Show your passion while living by the rules. Never settle for less than the best.

Focus On Continuously Improving


Create It

Find the solution by adapting & overcoming challenges. Think big, without a box by being innovative and entrepreneurial.

Make It Happen


Share It

Help others rise by spreading the wealth of time and knowledge. Be compassionate, genuine, and empathetic.

Define And Become The Future

TeraThink employees having fun and winning at an all-hands event

Crush It

Be the best version of yourself by setting your goals and crushing them.

Be Proactive, Taking Charge, And Being The Change You Seek