TeraThink is an exceptionally resourceful team of information technology and management consultants that’s purpose-built to help our clients drive real, rapid progress and make smart, sustainable improvements that lead to less stress and greater operational success. Our seasoned consultants are 100% focused on our government clients, and have a proven track record collaborating with them to dramatically reduce cycle times, do more with less, lower error rates, simplify processes, save money, and equip every client to focus more energy and resources on accomplishing their missions. That’s why we can provide a reference from every organization where we’ve ever worked, and why we’re one of the fastest-growing technology and management consulting firms in the U.S.  We exist to continuously provide answers that move our clients further and faster—and advance the great things they do for our country and every U.S. citizen.

“Answers that multiply,” conveys that we are much, much more than staff augmentation resources performing mundane tasks. We are a true consultancy engaging customers, providing answers, and creating solutions that help our clients be far more efficient and effective—and we do that in a way that has a multiplier effect and an ongoing impact for each of them.


CMMI DEV/3 Exp. 2020-09-15 / Appraisal #29794


 ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management


Project Management Institute

Native American Owned | CAGE Code: 3SWH2



TeraThink was incorporated in 2002 with a primary focus of providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration services to the federal government. Since then, our service offerings have evolved to a much broader scope concentrated around federal administrative systems. Our offerings span strategy definition and planning through implementation, integration, operations, maintenance, and optimization. We use all our guiding principles—among them, customer satisfaction, innovation, and value—to enhance government operations.


TeraThink’s mission is to provide sound solutions to our customers, achieving the highest degree of quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. To ensure our customer’s objectives are met, we promote technological solutions that ultimately enhance business processes and increase operational efficiencies.



Paul Lombardi
Executive Chairman
Deborah Lee James
Board Member
Doug Wagoner
Board Member
Dan Maguire
Chief Executive Officer and Board Member
Tim Spadafore
President and Chief Operating Officer
Steve Hamric
Chief Financial Officer
Rick Dansey
Chief Growth Officer

We have a corporate responsibility to give back to the communities where we operate. We established a code of ethics and culture that emphasizes the importance of philanthropy. We are responsible citizens, respecting the laws and customs of each community where we live or conduct business and respect the impact we have on the world around us.

Since our inception, we have supported several local and national charities, including the Loudoun Abused Woman Shelter (LAWS), Habitat for Humanity, The Children’s Inn at NIH, Easter Seals, Northern Virginia Urban League, and the National Foundation for Cancer Research. In addition to significant financial contribution, TeraThink employees have donated their time and participated in charitable and philanthropic events. TeraThink is committed to making a difference as an active philanthropic organization.

TeraThink sponsored and funded the Leadership Tech, Leadership Certificate. Leadership Tech is a co-curricular program at Virginia Tech that helps students become more prepared as professionals as they graduate. We actively participate in programs to help nurture this program as in investment in the future leaders of our country.


Code of Ethics

To our Customers

We act with honesty, diligence, professionalism, integrity, and fairness.

We give our customers top priority and are committed to providing quality, timely service to them.

We conduct ourselves professionally and adhere to the letter and the spirit of all applicable agreements and laws.

To our Employees

We promote an environment that encourages innovative thinking, professional achievement, and career development.

We foster an atmosphere of openness, respect, and trust.

We respect the rights of all individuals to fair treatment and equal opportunity in an environment free of discrimination and harassment.

To our Partners

We are fair and professional in all our business relationships and honor our commitments to our business partners.

We strive to enter into business relationships with partners who adhere to our ethical standards and have the same commitment to customer satisfaction and quality products and services.


To our Community

We are responsible citizens, respecting the laws and customs of each community where we live or conduct business.

We respect the impact we have on the world around us.

We promote a culture that gives back to the community while providing an opportunity for self improvement and team building.



TeraThink has distinguished itself as a strong consulting firm that delivers value to the federal government.

  • We have an established customer base and demonstrated past performance.
  • We are able to successfully bridge business challenges with management and technology solutions.
  • We have a Global Integrator and Big 4 heritage along with a customer-centric focus.
  • We have an established local market presence to meet aggressive timelines.
  • We are focused on projects, not on staff augmentation.
  • We are viewed as a trusted advisor by our customers.
  • We have an employee base of top performers in the consulting community with advanced degrees and certifications, averaging 10 years experience in their fields.
  • We have a proven track record of effective delivery and partnership with our customers.
  • We have mature business processes and service delivery methodology.