People & Culture

At TeraThink, liking each other is as important as liking the work that we do.

Core Values


Doing your best in whatever role you play. Bring energy and positivity to work every day. Never settle for less than the best possible outcome. Show your passion for what matters.


Leadership comes in many different forms – step up and lead when it is needed and support those who are when it is not. Support your team and those in need of help – show a good example. Be proactive, take charge, be the change you seek.


Be humble and show gratitude. Be honest in how you work and play. Share your time and your talents. Be kind.


Own It! Be accountable to yourself, your clients, your colleagues, your career. Don’t say it, do it. Be accountable for your own personal set of Core Values. Live them. Own the problem, own the effort, own the result – even if it is wrong, you can learn from it.


Seek constant improvement in everything we do. Be the change you seek. Think big, outside of your role, and drive change. Understand the business, the process, the problem, and the solution.

Core Value Awards

Nominations are done through Engagedly.
Anyone can nominate anyone else in the company. Nominations will be evaluated on an ongoing basis that result in weekly and quarterly awards!