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TeraThink awarded contract with DOJ

TeraThink was awarded a contract at the Department of Justice (DOJ), Executive Office for the United States Attorneys (EOUSA), to provide a detailed analysis of United States Attorney’s Offices’ (USAO) debt collection process and tasks. Our objective is to identify business process improvement recommendations that will allow the USAOs more time to focus on enforcement.

TeraThink awarded contract with ADM within DOJ

TeraThink was awarded a contract with the Office of Administration (ADM) within the Criminal Division at the Department of Justice (DOJ).  Under this contract, TeraThink will provide financial management support for business process improvement, analysis of accounting records, matching revenue and expense transactions, correct errors while making appropriate corrective transactions, and provide operational support to meet or exceed the requirements set forth.

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TeraThink awarded Task Order at the DOJ

TeraThink was awarded a Task Order at the Department of Justice to provide the services to support, and expertise to assist the Asset Forfeiture Money Laundering Section (AFMLS) at the Criminal Division with Asset Recovery Support and Compliance Review Support.  TeraThink will provide support and assistance with evaluating compliance of equitable sharing policies, assist AFMLS with establishing strategies and managing evaluations of the Equitable Sharing Program and Asset Recovery Program, and help with the development of recommendations to improve operations and changes to equitable sharing processing practices identifying and analyzing trends and requests associated with the use of equitably share funds.  Additionally we will assist AFMLS in establishing and enhancing cooperation among federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies by sharing financial proceeds with state and local partners in direct relation with their participation to law enforcement efforts resulting in forfeiture.

TeraThink Awarded Contract with DoJ, Justice Management Division, Financial Management Support Services

TeraThink was awarded a prime contract on the Financial Management Support Services (FMASS) BPA. DoJ expects $50M in task orders to be released through the BPA, and it is available for DoJ components such as the FBI and ATF for use when soliciting financial management services. The work will include such activities such as financial statement preparation, accounting support and audit support.

TeraThink Awarded Contract with DoJ, Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys

TeraThink was awarded a prime contract to provide System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) support services to EOUSA for their budgeting and payroll forecasting system, USABudget. The solicitation was released on GSA Schedule IT70, open to all businesses (large and small) on the vehicle.  TeraThink proposed an approach that integrated traditional project management activities, including project planning and scheduling, with Agile principles for SDLC execution.