Data Analytics and Optimization

Data growth continues to be astronomical, both in size and complexity. Capturing every transaction, maintaining the data, and producing meaningful metrics is often a haphazard and manual process. Making informed decisions requires proper data analysis to gain understanding. This requires shifting from repetitive tasks to high-value work. By doing this, organizations can turn their data into a competitive advantage.

At TeraThink, we know that success comes from effectively capturing and managing data from day one. This means using automation to efficiently process transactions, putting the right data at your organization's fingertips to drive insights. We help organizations learn from data and use it to predict future behavior. Our experts are certified in multiple tools and domains to help you get the most out of your data. We will help you build an information ecosystem that will guide you, from insight to action.

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Data Integration

Data is a valuable yet often underutilized asset. Enterprises face many challenges because of vast quantities and disparate sources of data – how to extract, integrate and share it. Without a clear strategy and knowledgeable execution of it, data can be overwhelming and, even worse, meaningless. However, when optimized, data morphs into indispensable information about your organization's mission.

TeraThink understands that while data is important on its own, the real magic happens when it becomes actionable information. We strive for data agility, the ability to understand data in context and to take business action. We create solutions to help clients wrangle their data. To do so, we integrate data from multiple systems to analyze and share enterprise insights via data stores, metrics, and dashboards. We unify data to discover actionable insights that funnel value and transparency to the bottom line.

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Data Visualization

Data can be hard to digest. The human brain can process images much faster than text. Data visualization is a powerful solution that summarizes data into clear, concise images that convey your message at a glance. Dashboards encourage inquisitive users to interact and ask more questions. Data visualization helps expose patterns and trends that might otherwise go undetected.

TeraThink can help you explore your data and communicate information intuitively, efficiently, and effectively. Data visualization is both an art and a science. We work with you to produce optimal visuals, giving your users a high level of confidence and insight. When their data exploration leads to more questions, you'll be ready. Our experts equip you with self-service business intelligence and interactive visuals to help answer questions, even those that pop up on the fly.

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Predictive Analytics

Organizations often use data to report on what happened in the past. They miss the opportunity to gain insights about the future. Predictive analytics helps you leverage your data to identify trends and forecast what might happen next. Predictive analytics assists organizations in making sense of their data. It uncovers unseen patterns and helps organizations exploit these insights to achieve organizational goals.

At TeraThink, we understand how to create, manage, and optimize predictive analytic functions at scale. It all starts with a business goal. Whether you are looking to improve business operations or maintain a competitive advantage within your industry, we keep your goal at the forefront. Our analytics approach encompasses exploring datasets, transforming data, and optimizing predictive models. We fit datasets to predictive models that generate clear, actionable outcomes that align with your organization's strategic goals.

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Artificial Intelligence and RPA

Organizations continually struggle to find time to do what matters amidst the noise caused by mundane, repetitive tasks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can take over many of these tasks. This frees up time for tasks that need a human touch. From consumerising the self-service experience to completing thousands of data entry operations in minutes, RPA and AI can help.

At TeraThink, we can help you make this journey of solving complex enterprise problems through intelligent automation. Our experience in digital strategy, systems development, and data analytics lets us lay the foundation for applying automation. Our expertise and partnership with industry-leading products such as ServiceNow and UiPath allows us to quickly navigate the intelligent automation landscape. We build solutions that offer quick wins by addressing common use cases, while also addressing larger enterprise objectives.

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