Digital Transformation

Digital is disrupting the world. People expect to interact with, and consume, services digitally. Embracing digital requires organizations to fundamentally change how they deliver services. They need to use these new technologies to accelerate progress and create efficiencies without increasing budget. Digital transformation takes true commitment and collaboration from IT and business organizations to drive change.

At TeraThink, we know that harnessing the power of today's digital technology creates better solutions for our clients and the people they serve. Developing an up-front strategic vision and roadmap allows us to identify the best technologies to meet our clients' goals. Leveraging DevSecOps and CI/CD approaches, we increase the speed to market for new capabilities while increasing quality. Using platform-based solutions, we accelerate digital transformation in a cost-effective manner that is highly maintainable and scalable.

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Digital Strategy

To fully realize the benefits of digital transformation, organizations need to define their goals and objectives while considering their existing capabilities and limitations. Having an effective digital strategy will guide the use of cloud, platform, and as-a-service technologies. This creates more flexible, reliable, scalable, and secure solutions that are easier and cheaper to maintain, operate, and integrate.

At TeraThink, we help organizations create a digital strategy to navigate their digital transformation journey. Together, we create a path to digital success that is well defined and understood. Leveraging our proven approach, we assess the organization's maturity across the digital landscape to help inform and guide priorities. Our approach provides the foundation and roadmap from which large-scale digital transformation efforts can be executed successfully to deliver real, substantial progress.

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Agile Enablement

Agile is not a methodology or something you "do."  True agile organizations learn to "be" agile. To achieve this, organizations first need to create and instill agile culture, its principles and values, and then add and implement proven agile practices, tools, and metrics. These practices then result in high performing teams that embrace change and deliver value with increasing speed to market.

At TeraThink, our agile coaches are long time agile practitioners with a wealth of lessons learned. For an organization to successfully transform into an agile organization of agile teams, our approach considers each environment's unique dynamics and constraints. We use our hands-on experiences navigating challenges and seeking continuous improvement to create our assessment and coaching approach for each client. Using our assessments and coaching discussions, we create a prioritized roadmap and backlog to create desired outcomes.

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Application and Platform Development

In a climate of “do more with less”, organizations are increasingly requiring proof of value against their IT investments. Additionally, successfully delivering features and functionality at scale while fostering a culture of innovation and learning present a significant challenge. Effectively using application development and cloud platform technologies will position organizations for digital transformation success.

At TeraThink, we bring deep expertise in agile delivery and DevSecOps delivery in complex and highly-regulated environments. We can help organizations drive technology standardization and optimization through the selection and implementation of strategic enterprise platforms. Whether it be user-centered design, API-led connectivity, cloud-based engineering, or automation, we bring solutions that accelerate digital transformation and maximize the value of existing IT investments.

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Content Services

Information drives the world and content holds most of that information. Building solutions that effectively track and share that content is critical for success today. Content Services allows different systems to access content in a way that makes sense to the business. It does not matter where the content is managed. Through content services, there is one place for the business to look.

At TeraThink, we have embraced the Content Services approach to the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) challenge. Using agile methods supported by cloud technology, we quickly deploy Content Services Platforms to deliver value. Our approach sets the stage for adding new technologies, like Content Analytics and autoclassification, without forcing change on the people using the systems. Supplying content through a platform ensures that a world-class user experience develops independently of the systems managing the content.

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