Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation

Digital is disrupting the world, including the public sector. Receiving and interacting with services digitally is the ‘norm’ these days. It is the expectation for the way citizens interact with government services. Entering into a true digital transformation allows agencies to fundamentally change the way that they deliver services, meeting and exceeding demands for a positive user experience. Fully embracing digital technology also allows leaders to accelerate progress and realize efficiencies in operations without increasing budget. Digital transformation takes a true commitment and collaboration from IT and business organizations drive change.

At TeraThink, we know that the road to digital transformation is not an easy one to travel. We use our lean agile delivery methods to effectively plan and execute, focusing on continuous improvement and the user experience. We apply new and cross-cutting technologies to solve technology challenges faster, including using APIs and platforms like MuleSoft and ServiceNow. Our combined technology and management approach expedites delivery and visibly puts your requirements front and center. We engage in an upfront IT strategy assessment and deliver full IT transformation programs with our experienced team of consultants. By partnering with our clients through their digital transformation journey, we guide them around pitfalls. Users are able to take advantage of enhanced digital technologies and services quickly.

Agile Execution

At TeraThink, agile is not just how we deliver software faster for our clients; we lead with a lean agile approach in all of our practices and services. TeraThink’s Agile Team helps organizations and teams elevate and expedite service and technology delivery by employing agile principles and practices. We believe agile helps our clients change the service delivery game – for the better. Using our years of experience, we tailor our approach to each environment. Our team identifies and applies the right agile principles, practices, and mindsets to help increase effectiveness and realize value earlier and faster.

We have exceptionally experienced agile practitioners – seasoned scrum masters and agile coaches. They can lead teams, help improve existing practices, or augment organization’s existing staff. We can provide full stack agile teams trained in TeraThink’s agile approach. These teams are ready to hit the ground running day one with enhanced velocity. Leveraging our Scaled Agile Bronze partnership, we can help organizations scale agile from team to program and portfolio level. We help navigate the complexities of cross-team dependency management and prioritization. We have been through full waterfall to agile transformations. These transformations provided us with the lessons learned to now help more of our clients navigate this journey. We love to show everyone why agile is a better way to deliver results – because we believe it. Our core Agile Execution Services and specialties include:

  • Custom Software Development & DevOps: We provide talented full-stack developers experienced working in DevOps and cloud environments to implement solutions for our clients. Our developers and testers often work in complex, mission-critical environments, both on new development initiatives as well as in a mixed Dev and Ops model. We focus on opportunities to leverage open source tools and technologies to automate and deliver results quickly for our clients.
  • Agile Coaching: Our coaches are agile practitioners. We like to bring our experiences to new teams, clients and executives to enable a faster path to agile success.
  • Scaled Agile Services: Agile across a program or enterprise requires discipline and coordination. Individual teams can be successful with agile, but the big benefit comes from a higher level. At TeraThink, we can help from top to bottom. We cover everything from portfolio prioritization and agile PMO and planning concepts, to scaling teams to deploy common releases and better managing dependencies. Our scaled agile approach focuses on bringing a level of transparency to complex arenas. We accomplish this through increased visibility with tools and dashboards, and through enhanced communication channels.

IT/Legacy Modernization

It’s an all too familiar story: you built a grand vision for re-architecting your aged (but mission-critical) application, but success is hampered by the technical details. You struggle to meet your existing and new business requirements and also achieve a full-scale cutover to a new system. Let us help. Here at TeraThink, we have years of experience successfully navigating the path to align the missions of business and IT from planning, design and implementation of modernized enterprise systems.

Our key to success is through true customer engagement. We use our scaled agile execution processes to define a path to achieve incremental, recognizable results for the enterprise. While every modernization effort is unique, TeraThink brings the following core capabilities to each of our engagements:

  • User-Centered Design: Good architects and system designers know the right questions to ask…and when. At TeraThink, we begin our engagements by building upon the concept of “who” and “why” before we consider the “what” and the “how”. Being user-centered in our design approach means that we will develop an explicit understanding of users, tasks, and environments. Our iterative development of ideas and products are driven and refined by user-centered evaluation and address the whole user experience.
  • Business Process Management (BPM): Legacy system modernization efforts often fail due to the complexity of untangling and re-building business rules and workflows. Coding these rules is not only difficult, they are incredibly difficult for end user to visualize and validate. BPM is a both a design approach and an implementation technology. It leverages process design and software for managing business processes while connecting people and applications.
  • API-Led Connectivity: Gone are the days of the monolithic application. API-led connectivity is a design and implementation approach to connect data to applications (and people) through reusable Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. APIs are designed and considered at the onset of system modernizations, enabling organizations to quickly realize the benefit of core application functionality, delivered as small system components known as micro services. Using technologies such as MuleSoft, TeraThink is a leader on using API-led connectivity as an approach to quickly and successfully deliver modernized systems.
  • Cloud-Based Engineering: The cloud-first directive continues to be a disruptive force across the Federal IT landscape, through the promise is significant. Public and government clouds provide efficient, modernized, and cost-effective infrastructure. Additionally, they introduce new technical approaches and delivery patterns for building massively scalable applications with advanced security and encryption technologies. All this potential can be under-utilized without the experience and expertise navigating the myriad options available. TeraThink will implement a modernization plan for your legacy system, maximizing the benefit of a cloud architecture and delivering a stable and sustainable platform for the future.

IT Strategy

In a climate that demands “do more with less”, Federal IT groups are increasingly demanding a rationalization of business value against their IT investments. The dawn of Agile software development has its roots in driving business value and that it should be delivered to the organization early and often. But how does value relate to innovation? How do organizations move forward with a “fail early, fail often” approach and still evolve the enterprise in a consistent manner?

TeraThink gets it. We have worked with many CIO’s and business leaders to develop strategic visions that drive value, align IT investments with business priorities, and define implementable platform solutions. This is accomplished all while capitalizing on the innovative drive that makes each of our Federal partners so unique. Services that support this effort include:

  • Enterprise Architecture Services: Our Strategic IT Advisory consultants engage with our clients to provide advice on creating opportunities to use IT to transform an agency’s mission-focused operations. With the complexity of most federal enterprises, this often requires a realistic assessment of what IT resources are performing and how the organization can evolve its application portfolio iteratively to build a stronger IT ecosystem.
  • Technology Strategy Assessments: You say that you are interested in cutting edge technologies or approaches, but where do you start? A certain approach has worked well in one area, but can your organization adopt it at an enterprise scale? Within each of our technology domains, our experts understand this broader picture. We know how to help organizations build a strategy and vision for implementation. Whether you are looking to reinvent your infrastructure through the cloud, using approaches such as containerization or micro services, or perhaps you are evaluation the broader impact of PaaS offerings.

Platform Services

Build or buy? It’s a question that always gets asked when organizations consider how best to enhance existing or acquire new capabilities. Arguments of “don’t reinvent the wheel” counter the “our organization is unique” position. What makes these exchanges challenging is that there are valid points to be had on both sides. The path ahead is not a ‘no-brainer’.

Agencies and organizations are turning to enterprise platforms both as an enabler of their digital transformation initiatives as well as a way to more effectively navigate those build vs. buy decisions. Enterprise platforms provide core services and capabilities out-of-the-box that fuel rapid digitization. They also provide a forward-leaning platform for innovation and growth. Organizations can focus their effort and investments on their core mission and objectives, while leveraging the platform’s built-in capabilities for standard functions.

TeraThink delivers tangible value early and often by bringing a collaborative and agile approach to our engagements. Whether you are evaluating available platform solutions, starting an implementation, or trying to maximize your existing investment, we can help. We navigate our clients through the enterprise platform landscape by delivering:

  • Platform Assessment and Planning: Looking to capitalize on the value of an enterprise platform? Not sure which direction to turn or how to prepare for a successful implementation? Our experts have deep pedigrees in the solution and enterprise architecture disciplines. TeraThink can help you assess and evaluate the landscape while helping you understand and improving your organization’s readiness for platform-driven digital transformation. We help our clients identify and capitalize on the business and technology benefits from the adoption of an enterprise platform.
  • Platform Implementation and Extension: TeraThink brings a proven approach to help accelerate and increase the ROI of your platform investments. We know the value of a platform grows exponentially as the amount of data and users increase. Thus, we help organizations drive user adoption through solutions that provide a tailored and streamlined user experience, ensuring full value realization at the enterprise level.

TeraThink can help you leverage leading platform solutions and technologies that support and accelerate digital transformation. Within the ServiceNow platform, focusing on the IT Business Management space, we align IT with business priorities through enhanced insight, increased visibility, and improved management of assets. We specialize in maximizing the value of existing IT Service Management investments with innovative Tier-0 solutions that provide improved case deflection and automation.