Enterprise Applications

TeraThink supports our Federal clients in development of short and long-term Enterprise Application strategies through continuous monitoring of system and business process effectiveness and aligning strategic modernization efforts to enterprise systems. We help determine future direction by thorough comprehension of the current state and future alternatives, associated costs, and systems compliance. Our focused services promote alignment with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Financial Management, Grants Management, Budget Formulation and Evaluation, Human Resources Management, and the Information Systems Security Lines of Business (LoB). Once strategic vision and direction is determined, we offer implementation, operations and maintenance, expertise in shared service models, and integration services to drive the changes necessary to complete your vision.

TeraThink Enterprise Application expertise is distinctive in that we have proven success, vendor partnerships, development environments in the cloud, and certified experts with each of the three largest enterprise systems within the Federal Government; SAP, Oracle, and Momentum. This cross-system experience provides our clients the ability to leverage our partnerships with each software vendor. Additionally, they capitalize on our knowledge of the best methods to integrate these systems with essential ancillary or mission systems. Whether our client is a large agency that has already made their Enterprise Application decision or a smaller agency looking to modernize from a legacy system, TeraThink has the expertise to attain success.


Strategy shapes our clients’ future, combining deep insight with the understanding of how your solutions will impact federal business models. Whether it is process strategy, technology strategy, integration strategy, or operations and maintenance strategy, we shape your organization’s operating models for the future.

At TeraThink we help to address your agencies needs in IT and Enterprise Applications. Our strategy Framework helps our clients answer two fundamental questions: What are the most important opportunities? and How should the project move forward? Our team will work side-by-side with our clients to envision, plan, and execute against their strategic plans.

  • Envision: Our team is comprised of multiple companies that have broad federal in Enterprise Applications. Our team will bring a fresh perspective to balance the EA software sales team with grounded execution experience.
  • Plan: Our team will bring informed planning insight. We are experts that can use our EA experience to plan and estimate based on actual insight.
  • Execute: Our team has the breadth and depth of delivery knowledge to a partner for executing on these missions.

Implementation Services

Our Implementation Services teams have the know-how to transform organizations and the capabilities to actually do it. We bring our clients new and innovative ideas every day. We couple our broad expertise with agencies and mission services with our deep enterprise application knowledge, meaningful insights and a comprehensive range of capabilities. Our consultants work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to exceed mission targets.

At TeraThink, our approach to Implementation Services is one that is flexible and agile, providing transparency and active collaboration with the Government. Our solutions provide a structure and improved adherence to agency System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) methodology best practices while introducing agile development and DevOps where and when appropriate. We work with the Government to define the strategy, plan, and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and map out how and when the work will be completed. As we execute the project plan, we produce our work products and develop the solutions iteratively to gain rapid Return on Investment (ROI). This hybrid approach has produced successes that allow TeraThink to continue to have 100% of our contracts and past performances referenceable since the company’s inception.

Operations and Maintenance Services

TeraThink brings our innovative agile approach to your Enterprise Application Operations. We blend the best of ITIL and Agile to bring a flexible and responsive operations solution. Our holistic services provide help desk, incident management, enhancement management, and education. As a result, these services work hand-in-hand to be responsive and flexible to support the user community at large.

TeraThink will establish and manage a tiered Help Desk to identify, address, and rapidly resolve your system issues. At the same time, our business and systems analysts continually assess opportunities to optimize your system while maintaining compliance with an ever-changing regulatory and security requirements. Our team uses disciplined change control processes and tools integrated with our Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) approach to design solutions which our developers quickly transform to effective solutions. Our testers rigorously tested and then validate solutions with the customer. Clients are kept informed of changes through communications, hands on training, and updated user training materials.

Shared Services

TeraThink brings our broad EA experience to support agencies mission of planning, migrating, or operating, in a shared service environment. We bring the expertise to ensure you that your agency maximized their shared service provider’s capabilities. TeraThink also helps agencies define and offer a shared service capability. It can be delivered as individual managed services or as a comprehensive vertical solution.

TeraThink supports numerous Federal Lines of Business by helping in three areas, implementing a shared services model to support their own organization, expand their shared services offerings horizontally to additional agencies and vertically expand with additional offerings. We are experts in the M3 Playbook and are the partner to maximize the return on investment for shared services.

Integration Services

Integration Services delivers in today’s federal digital world and TeraThink is leading the way with Enterprise Application platform integration. We provide integration services to extend your Enterprise Application’s capabilities by integrating with GOTS Software and Other Software platforms (COTS and SAAS) such as Mulesoft, ServiceNow, and Pega.

TeraThink believes that APIs are not new to our clients. In today’s federal digital world, APIs are the foundation upon which digital agency is built. Our integration service experts speed up the core internal processes and information flow that are the backbone of your organization and power up your organization’s rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. We identify and deliver integration solutions that interconnect your internal systems with external components and platforms. This facilitates richer interactions between customers, partners, and machines.