Enterprise Finance and Risk

Organizations are continually challenged with the accelerating complexity of technology, changes in policy, and an overwhelming growth in data volume. This complexity can result in technical and process inefficiencies, failing an audit due to governance breakdowns, and the inability to gather meaningful metrics. Organizations need to break out of the old way of doing things to successfully execute on their mission.

TeraThink's approach not only focuses on governance and process to drive measurable improvements, but also innovation to fuel enhancement to long standing practices and activities. We accomplish this through shared services, the use of enterprise applications, and migrating systems to the cloud. We leverage innovations  such as robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, and predictive analytics to help our clients meet their goals.

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Shared Services

With shrinking Federal budgets, increased regulatory pressures, and massive growth in data, achieving operational excellence is not easy. Facing the ongoing loss of skilled personnel, Federal organizations must work hard to keep up with the latest technology tools. Shared services enables you to realize economies of both skill and scale. They streamline capabilities and provide access to leading edge technology.

At TeraThink, we know that operational excellence comes from effectively executing transactions and managing data from systems across the organization. This requires the centralization of experts who are supported by the best available technology. We help clients reinvent their business and technical environments using cloud and shared service solutions, bringing our in-depth knowledge of the leading ERP systems. Our team will help maximize the value of your data and your return on investment (ROI) from your modernization efforts.

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Advisory and Analysis

Enterprise modernization efforts are complex. Deploying systems takes insight into existing problems and foresight into the organization's mission. New capabilities require detailed accounting of the enterprise architecture and a total line-of-sight for portfolio governance. Too much bad data reduces an organization's ability to make informed and actionable decisions, spawning unsolicited risks.

TeraThink provides enterprise financial and system modernization analysis and advice, identifying and addressing risks and issues across an organization. Our experts create scalable solutions that deliver value quickly. We translate compliance language to your needs, providing real-time compliance-centric data analytics and visualization for short, mid, and long term needs. Our team develops comprehensive risk profiles that depict messages presented to enterprise governance for actionable risk-based decisions and impact results.

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Finance, Accounting, and Budgeting

Today’s rapid changes and improvements in technology are triggering an increased demand for real-time financial management information. Key success factors for satisfying this demand are modernizing financial management systems and improving business processes through automation. Maintaining audit compliance and minimizing fraud are key challenges financial organizations must overcome when addressing the changes.

TeraThink's partnerships, with Momentum, Oracle, and SAP, keep our resources on the leading edge of financial management system changes. This enables us to focus on helping financial organizations overcome yesterday's challenges, improve financial process controls, and leverage technology to enhance reporting capabilities. Our partnerships with Pega, ServiceNow, and UiPath give us the resources and tools necessary to help our customers streamline business processes, and leverage RPA technology to do more with less.

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