Financial Management

At TeraThink, we focus on understanding and resolving Federal financial management community concerns. Over twenty years of service dedicated to this space, enable us to effectively connect the dots between Federal business processes, financial system functionality, and compliant accounting/reporting outcomes. Our expertise implementing and sustaining all major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems enables us to maintain our reputation of delivery excellence. Therefore, we are well positioned to anticipate and address your Federal financial management and reporting needs.

Accounting, Finance, & Budget Support

TeraThink is committed to helping you efficiently support your mission with accurate and timely, accounting and financial management information. Our goal is to ensure you effectively monitor program performance, make timely resource decisions, and properly plan for the future.

To ensure financial management reporting accuracy, our accounting professionals will help your accounting and finance operations organizations:

  • Perform posting logic reviews and trial balance account relationship reviews, for compliance with the Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) and U.S. Standard General Ledger (USSGL) rules
  • Design and execute repeatable or automated reconciliations, with feeder systems and between internal financial system modules
  • Perform root cause analysis for exceptions identified in reviews and reconciliations
  • Prepare and review financial statements to ensure you’re able to make timely resource decisions and properly plan your Agency’s future. Our financial management professionals will help your budget organizations maintain timely, accurate status of funds and budget/program execution reports. In addition, we bring you extensive experience forecasting and planning human resource and advanced acquisition needs, in support of both budget execution and budget justification processes.

Financial Advisory Support

TeraThink dedicates time and effort to helping you establish and maintain compliance with Federal financial management guidance. As policies and regulations change, our advisory professionals have the experience necessary to help you mitigate associated risks, and keep your employee base current.

Our financial advisory services include:

  • Independent Verification & Validation
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Impact Assessments
  • Operational Program & Project Management
  • Training, Development & Knowledge Transfer

Audit Support

TeraThink understands the importance of a strong internal audit program, to help you proactively avoid or prevent audit issues. Additionally, we analyze, transform, and document business processes as technology changes and improves. Our audit readiness professionals offer an abundance of experience. This includes testing internal controls, recommending improvements to systemic controls, and designing compensating controls when necessary.

Similarly, we equally understand the importance of a strong external audit program, to help you effectively manage the rigors of an active audit and to help you mitigate or remediate audit deficiencies, findings and weaknesses. Our audit sustainment professionals are equipped to support your data extraction and evidential matter requests efficiently, regardless of data volume or tools available. We have successfully responded to audit requests, requiring manual extraction and blending of hundreds of millions of financial system transaction lines. Our ERP implementation and sustainment experience, uniquely positions us to support recommendations for systemic remediation or mitigation of audit findings.

Grants Management

TeraThink’s expertise implementing multiple grants management solutions positions us to help you manage your grant programs full life cycle, from pre-award to post-award. As a result, our ongoing support of grants management solutions give us the expertise required to manage your grant program status reporting and help facilitate recipient reporting, to ensure compliance, and measure program performance.