Information Management and Data Analytics

We are in the middle of the Information Age. Information, whether derived from structured data or unstructured content, drives everything an organization does. The rapidly increasing volume of information makes effective governance and management critical so that information is available when needed. After the discovery of information, organizations need analytics to help make sense of all the information, allowing new insights, and effectively turning information into a competitive advantage.

At TeraThink, we know that success comes from effectively capturing and managing information from day one. Your people don’t want to be information managers, they want to get things done for your customers and constituents. This means information ready when they need it and tools to help make sense out of the information. We know that you need data analyzed for insight and then visualized in a way that readily identify trends and recommends actions to take. Our experts are certified in multiple tools and domains to help you get the most out of your information. We will help you build an information ecosystem that will guide you from insight to action.

Data Analytics

In recent years, data growth has been astronomical, both in size and complexity. Enterprises face many challenges because of vast quantities and disparate sources of data – how to extract, integrate and share it. Without a clear strategy and knowledgeable execution of it, data can be overwhelming and, even worse, meaningless. However, when optimized, data morphs into indispensable information and is critical for business intelligence.

TeraThink understands that data is important on its own, but the real magic happens when it becomes actionable information. We strive for data agility. Data agility is the ability to understand data in context and take business action, to give our clients a competitive advantage. We create solutions to help clients wrangle their data. This allows clients to focus on the high value-added activities like decision making. To do so, we integrate data from multiple systems to analyze and share enterprise insights via data stores, metrics, and dashboards. TeraThink unifies data to discover actionable insights that funnel value and transparency to the bottom line.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is a powerful solution that summarizes immense amounts of data into clear, concise images that convey a message at a glance – after all, the human brain can process images much faster than text. Visuals also help expose patterns and trends that might go undetected in text-based data.

TeraThink helps you explore your data and communicate information intuitively, efficiently and effectively through data visualization. We understand that data visualization is both an art and a science. Our data experts are proficient in both aspects. Our data experts have skills in a number of data tools and languages. Using the right tool for each client, we select the proper visuals and populate them with quality data that gives users a high level of confidence and insight. As exploring data leads to more questions, we embrace self-service BI and interactive visuals to help our clients answer questions they might not have thought to ask up front, without the time and cost of rework.

Content Services

The world is driven by information and most of that information is locked inside of content. Building solutions that effectively track and share that content is critical for success today. Content Services allows different systems to access content in a way that makes sense to the business. It does not matter where the content is managed. Through content services, there is one place for the business to look.

At TeraThink, we have embraced the Content Services approach to the traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) challenge. Using agile development methods supported by cloud technology, we quickly deploy Content Services Platforms that deliver value to your organization. Our approach sets the stage for adding advanced technologies, like Content Analytics and autoclassification, without forcing change on the people using the systems. By supplying content through a platform, we ensure that a world-class user experience develops independently of the systems managing the content.

Governance and Compliance

Often the governance of information is left for the future. It is too costly for initial efforts. Therefore, it is pushed down the road. This occurs when governance is assumed to mean Records Management. Information Governance is more than that. It is knowing where all an organization’s information is located, what information is in each system, and how it is all managed. Connecting those systems together and applying universal governance to your content provides additional value as information in one system provides context to another.

TeraThink knows that implementing proper Information Governance can be daunting for many organizations. The “manage everything” approach of the past has made it difficult to start again. We know that deriving value and managing risk in your information systems begins with mapping the environment. TeraThink will work with you. We will map out your information and content systems, find areas that can generate quick wins, and identify existing efforts where Information Governance can provide immediate value. This approach results in cycles where the value realized from each stage of the journey pays for the next until Information Governance is a default part of every effort.