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Program and Portfolio Management

TeraThink combines traditional program and portfolio management activities like cost, schedule, and performance monitoring with industry-leading visualization and dashboard tools. We serve as trusted advisors to our customers by providing independent verification and validation (IV&V) of process adherence and system deployment efforts to ensure their interests are served and goals achieved. We serve as an honest broker between our customers and their vendors and the systems integrators community. Our team ensures transparency, accountability, and mission fulfillment in complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

At TeraThink, we believe the ability to obtain and maintain our clients trust differentiates us from the field. We select and train our personnel – from consultant to C-suite –  to place the needs of our clients above all others. Our personnel strives to positively impact their customer every day. Additionally, our PPM offering is led by highly skilled, well-credentialed personnel. They personally delivered and managed Digital Transformation, Information Management and Data Analytics, Enterprise Applications, and Financial Management efforts in the public and private sector.

Program Management Office (PMO) Support

A well-run PMO office increases the likelihood of project success and improves contract, system, and organizational performance. Federal agencies have come to expect their PMO to serve as a strategic driver for organizational excellence. In turn, this enhances execution management, governance, and change management through the organization.

At TeraThink, we have developed the best practices, processes, templates, metrics, and tools required to support our clients. We use these to provide governance, communications, resource, cost/financial, risk, and performance measurement for agile development and transformation efforts. Working with our clients, we drive strategic alignment across projects and programs by quantifying and comparing performance measures to enable data-driven decisions. Additionally, we integrate proven management methodologies based on Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering, and the Balanced Scorecard into continuous process improvement efforts throughout the PMO.

Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) Support

The independent verification and validation process is focused on the degree to which a system, project, or process adheres to evolving requirements. The amount to which stakeholder needs are met by a system is of equal importance as to whether the system meets customer requirements. The process ensures that the correct system developed and that it actually works once deployed.

At TeraThink, we specialize in process auditing to provide an independent assessment of progress towards digital transformation and system deployment goals. Our consultants bring expertise in supporting agile methodologies such as scrum, kanban, and the Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise (SAFe). Additionally, we help our clients adhere to both the Modernization and Migration Management (M3) playbook and ITIL principles. TeraThink provides predictive analytics for go-live success and industry leading tools to increase speed/cycle time for testing. This includes robotic process automation (RPA) and other automated regression testing methodologies.